Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Springtime in PA Heaven

Happy Spring!

Do you recognize this gal?   It is my first attempt at the Pippilongstocking block that I saw on IG.   I wish I knew who to give credit to for this cute free pieced block.
Thank you to all my new and old friends at Calico Cutters Quilt Guild, Brandywine Valley Quilters and Penn Oak Quilters.  I had such a good time visiting your groups!

Kelly, of Pinkadot Quilts,  was my hostess and driver and I could not have done this trip without her support and help (and coffee). We  managed to steal a few minutes to play with some of her swap blocks.
 Did I mention she has the best kitchen I've ever seen?  the best.  I'm so glad I accidentally made all the swap blocks finish at 4 inches so they can go together.
After my workshop and programs I was treated to an afternoon at Longwood Gardens.  It is a life's dream and I plant to return soon!

Here are some highlights - red and yellow catch a fellow.
This is a living green wall - amazing!
I have a real fascination with Bonsai.  some of these are over 100 years old!
 The silver room in the conservatory - this is for Kathy S. in Illinois.
Hanna is a nut for catus.  They are so big right now in home dec.
what a fabulous display in the gift shop.
With spring the flannel sheets are off and the beds sport new quilts. 
 Mr Starbuck always takes the opportunity to sit on a pile of softness - what a princess.
Have a Great Week!


  1. So glad we finally got you to Longwood! Next time we make it an entire day trip so you can see it all. I had great fun spending time with you.

  2. Amazing gardens. Where are they located? Love your extra blocks. I thought I was the only one who made blocks just 'because '.

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous journey. Great that you could get together with your friend, too.
    I love your Pippi Lonstocking block--it is just adorable...hugs, Julierose

  4. Oh what a great trip! Longwood Gardens looks so enticing. My brother in law is a landscape architect and he has some wonderful Bonsai, but this collection is amazing! Glad you got to meet Kelly and spend some quality time. I adore the Pippi block. So cute!!

  5. What a lovely trip! The gardens are just so pretty...there is tranquility and beauty in gardens for me. Love your cute block!!!

  6. What a cute block! The gardens look amazing! What a fun spring outing. I took off our large comforter but now have 3 quilts on the bed.....still in the 20's at night here.
    Kelly's blocks look amazing together!!

  7. I'm itching to attach some red floss braids to Pippi. : )
    That is really fun that all of those swap blocks can be combined. Looks like confetti! (I love a good kitchen.)
    Such a gorgeous garden showplace!
    Is there a story behind the whale on the bed?

  8. Love what Kelly is doing with her bow ties and broken dishes! A great idea to combine them! Any kitchen with room for an island is drool worthy for me. And next time you're at Longwood Gardens, see if Terry Kramzar is on duty as a docent. Her quilts are gorgeous! And her crow ones are my favorites.

  9. What post filled with lovely colour and inspiration! Looks like a lovely visit filled with creativity and inspiration!

  10. What a great log cabin quilt! Sweet dreams :0) Such a gorgeous garden!! Your Pippi looks like she's ready for some fun.

  11. Is this the block you saw?

    1. thank you! I'll add her tutorial next week.

  12. Quilters make wonderful hostesses. They know all the fun things another quilter would like to do and would enjoy. Kelly knew just what you would have fun doing. Your log cabin quilt is definitely a lovely classic. Pippi has cute stockings!

  13. Ok I thought the block was a self portrait at first! Haha it's really cute. Looks like your trip was fun and I'm sure your friends enjoyed you as much as you did them. Glad it was all good!

  14. Longwood Gardens looks so beautiful and the log cabin quilt is just stunning. All those blocks laid out in the playing with puzzle pieces :)

  15. Sounds like you had a lot of fun in PA! Love the living wall at the Gardens. Kelly's swap blocks look great together---nice arrangement :) Your Log Cabin quilt is beautiful and the Pippi block is so cute!

  16. Springtime in PA- beautiful and refreshing! Glad you had a wonderful time.

  17. No doubt you've had wonderful times in Pensylvania ! Kelly had a great idea to sew the swap blocks together !
    Gorgeous quilt on your bed and Mr Starbuck is very cute like that !

  18. OMG--those gardens are making me so anxious for Spring to arrive in Minnesota--it's going to be a while! Love Pippi--she's going to make a fun quilt!

  19. Lovely gardens thanks for sharing sounds like you had a grand time.

  20. Sounds like your trip was lots of fun and great way to finish up with a visit to the gardens. Love your Log Cabin quilt.


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