Thursday, September 21, 2017

Amazing Ann Arbor

Thank you Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild!    I had a wonderful time visiting your guild.  Everyone was friendly and welcoming.

I made a great new friend, Julie H.  We have so many things in common.  She invited me to her home to see her antique quilts like this one~
But first I want to share some photos from the guild events.

I forgot to take more photos at the Applique' Workshop.  We had a great time learning to make our own patterns and composing original pieces.
The guild meeting is held at a Washtenaw Community College.  They had a great vendor, charity quilt area, a dye-cut company demo, and more.
They had a fabulous book sale - I found 2 great books.
Beautiful venue for my lecture on Scrap Quilts.
We had a fun workshop on Sunday Building Houses!
how fun are these trolls?
 Messy fun!
 The ladies made so many happy houses.  We all wished this was a 2-day workshop to continue the creativity and set them.

My visit to Julie's home was nothing less than incredible!  She and her husband were so warm and inviting.  We had an old fashioned bed turning.

Drum roll.........
 My favorite star
 Is this eclipse fabric?
 Triple cording on the binding - oh my!  I literally almost swooned a few times.
 Julie has a beautiful collection of pristine kit quilts.
 Looks like my header!
 gorgeous hand quilting on this Amish Style quilt.
By the way, this represents only part of her collection.  I saw about 60 quilts and there were more in a special quilt vault.   I hope to visit Julie again someday.

Here is Julie's stunning quilt.  It is a Sue Garman pattern.  Lovely.

Thank you, Julie, for allowing me to share photos from our special quilt sharing visit.  It was such a special treat!

Have a great week!  It's fair weekend here in CT - yay yay yay

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


It has been a homework week.  Working on the home, having work done at the home, doing sewing homework......

I finished the 3 pieces I committed to make for the AQSG Seminar next month.  Thank you , Wendy of The Constant Quilter, for the wonderful border fabric on this quilt!
The backings I picked - they still need labeling.
 Close up of one of my favorite quiltings patterns, interlocking cables.
 I am so grateful to have a home where I feel safe and secure especially in light of the hurricanes down south.  I had a crew of 6 men around the past few days repainting our decking.  It was a huge job!
 Aaahhh, that is better.
I put away my summer quilts and decore - Yay it's fall here in CT.
 I switched out my Nana's dishes for the brown transferware.
 Yay - I remembered to hang up my paint by number fall painting.
I grew that gourd and made the little green pumpkin.
I also made these fabric pumpkins.  You can read a fun past post about them here.
My favorite spot to decorate - the window above my kitchen sink.
I love how it looks at night.
And finally, my friend, Diane of Persnickety, sent me this fabulous Abe bust.  It is the same one as the little one that Mary B sent me years ago.   I'm doing a little sewing for her and I'll share that another day.
Off to Ann Arbor tomorrow.   Have a great week.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Fun Block Wonder(ful)

Well it wasn't all fun but it did turn out Wonderfully!

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - 63" x 62"
(it's a rainy day here, so the colors are a little funny)

 I didn't have the heart to kick coco off, as I just came home from a 5 day trip.  She helped with the entire photo session.
 I am especially happy with how my partial fans look on the border.  It is a good reminder that you can use any portion of a stencil.
 I used 2 fabrics on the back:  A Gold Dragon, which was great because I watched 4 seasons of Game of Thrones while working on this quilt and an Asian Toile' which I adore
I still need to stitch my little sparrow above my label.
 back Asian Toile' details
Here you can see the texture of the quilting.
This quilt gave me all sorts of problems.  After binding, washing and blocking I found I had missed several fan arcs - grrrrrrr.
 In order to quilt it properly I had to un-stitch the binding on the back and the front.   I used a single binding.
 I held it off to the side while I started and stopped the quilting stitching.
 When finished I just pinned and re-stitched to the front and hand stitched (again) to the back.
Here are 2 dresses that I'm sending to Columbia with Lori.
 I made several little goodie bags with "girly stuff".

I will be kicking off my lecture/teaching year with a visit to the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild Sept. 15-17th.  Find info on their Facebook page here or their Website here.  I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!